My 1st Ever Skin Care Routine For Acne.

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I would have to say, my journey began approximately half way through my grade 9 year...

Before this, when I was in the 8th grade, I've always had perfect skin. I see some of my other classmates who have very terrible skin, very terrible acne, and I thought to myself, what are they doing wrong.

It wasn't until I got to half way through grade 9, then I started having problems with my skin. In the beginning of grade 9 my skin was still absolutely flawless. Even when I took my grade 9 class picture in September or October, it was all good.

Until one day, things started to change...

Now I want to let you know about my very 1st Skin Care Routine that I didn't know that worked for me back then, but that was what probably kept my skin clear from all of grade 8 until mid way through grade 9.

I'll also talk about the skin care routine that quickly worked right after my first break out.

First of all back in the summer when I was done grade 8 going into grade 9, I would always be outside playing basketball, 2 hours in the morning, 2 hours at noon and then 2 hours in the evening... for a total of 6 hours...

Now that's a lot of hours of sweating and free-radical damage being done to my skin, but the good news was, as smart as I was back then, I knew to take a shower twice a day with regular soap and regular moisturizer like Petrolium Jelly or Keri Lotion. I used them morning and night... especially after I shower, twice a day.

Because I did this my skin remained clear, no Acne, no skin discoloration, and no problems at all, whatsoever...

And my diet was fairly clean as well, Hot Chocolate and toast in the morning for breakfast... Peanut butter, juice, and an apple for lunch... cerial & milk for after school snack... and Rice & vegetables for dinner.

However once I got half way through my grade 9 year, things changed a lot, more homework, I was a little bit more stressed out, started eating more sweets, and on top of that, my hormones started changing...

So finally I started getting a little bit of Acne here and there, but it was only 2 or 3... I thought nothing of it because I knew friends and classmates who literally had 10 times more than I did.

But it really started bothering my Mom, so she decided to get me the Oxy Cleansing Pads. Now these Oxy Cleansing Pads are medicated and provides a nice stinging or tingling sensation.

So I used this about twice a day, morning and evening. It actually worked for a while, and I was some-what happy with it... at least for about 5 to 6 months... And by then I was already in grade 10.

But one day it's started discoloring my skin and even burned my skin, because, I did have sensitive skin. So I had to stop using it immediately... and go back to my regular routine.

And when I did this some of my Acne came back, it wasn't too bad, had about 3 to 4. However I had to treat my skin discoloration that occured from spending to much time in the sun, from the Oxy cleansing Pads and from other sources, like wind burns and other unsuccessful skin care routine.

Now my Acne only seemed to have gotten worst when I start using other Acne and Skin Care products in the future, mainly during my 1st and 2nd years of University, actually my 2nd year I took off to work instead, but that year was the worst year for my Acne... But I'll get more into it, later in my 2ndary Skin Care Routine that failed horribly and I can show YOU why it failed horribly, and why YOU should avoid it... You can also find it in my FREE Gemini3Style SkinCare Newsletter.

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