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What is Exfoliating?

And why is it so important?

Well first of all, exfoliating is basically, the removal of the outer, mainly dead skin cells...

And the way it works is that, once you find an area of your skin, lets say, your face, and you find one area very thick and rough and another area, thin and smooth, that means you need to start exfoliating those rough areas.

In the past I used to think that dead skin cells, used to only be on your feet, and it made a lot of sense for the dead skin cells to be on your feet, instead of your hands or your face, because we always walk on our feet and wear different type of shoes, so the skin will likely get rough over time.

I never thought that you can actually get dead skin on your hands and face, until I came to the realization that, your hand and face, also gets hit severely with environmental conditions like, wind, sun, airborn pollution, and other forms of heavy impact like playing sports and other activities.

All this can definitely take a toll on your hands and face. The reason why I'm mentioning hands and face, is because that's what people care about the most, especially, the face. The feet doesn't matter too much, since it's usually covered.

I mean think about it for a minute, would you want to have, a rough and rugged looking face and very nice and smooth looking feet, or the other way around?

I'll let you answer that, since some of us are more strange than others...

But why is Exfoliating so important?

Well for one thing, it's important because, you need to remove the excess dead skin cells, so that serums, lotions and creams can penatrate the skin more effectively.

And it's good to even out your overall skin texture and feel of your skin, because it will make maintaining your skin a lot easier. You wouldn't have to exfoliate as often.

And half the battle of maintaining your skin will already be done.

Other wise, if you over exfoliate, you run the risk of damaging your skin, even damaging the smooth healthy layer.

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